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Summertime-a great time to bleach teeth!

Summertime-a great time to bleach teeth!
June 22, 2017 Angela Kearney

Summertime is here! And what a great time to whiten your smile!

Here’s what you need to know about bleaching…

Tooth whitening or bleaching is an excellent and very conservative way of brightening your smile. It is possible to bleach a single discoloured tooth right through to all the teeth.  The teeth are gently whitened by the application of (here comes the science bit!) a Carbamide peroxide gel with a hydrogen peroxide content of not greater than 6% (Bleach of this strength is only available through a dental office).

This process can be done ”in office” where the patient can have the process carried out in the surgery, or at home whereby the patient can apply the gel to his or her own teeth in custom fitted trays, in the comfort of home. In office bleach is best supplemented with at home bleaching, or indeed the full process can be carried out at home.

So what are the drawbacks?

Occasionally the bleaching process can make the teeth a little more temperature sensitive during treatment. This can easily be resolved by the application of desensitizing products. Also it’s worth considering that bleaching products will not whiten existing crowns or fillings, so it may be better to complete bleaching before having your dental work done. It would however be advisable to have a thorough dental check-up carried out prior to commencing the bleaching process, just to ensure that your teeth are suitable for this treatment.

Hope you’re all enjoying the great weather!

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