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Case Study – Cosmetic dentistry-improving your smile

Case Study – Cosmetic dentistry-improving your smile
June 13, 2018 Angela Kearney

 Case Study – Cosmetic dentistry-improving your smile. 

A lovely lady in her early 50’s attended our surgery looking to improve the appearance of her worn teeth.

We took some x rays, impressions for study models and photographs



As her lower teeth were biting hard against the backs of her upper teeth they were causing a lot of wear and meant that there was no space to replace the missing portion of each tooth.

So we sent her models to the lab where they made us a model of how her the teeth might look if we added a little to the back teeth with nice new white fillings and placed new crowns on the front teeth

The green model on the left shows the worn teeth, the yellow model on the right shows the model the lab made of how the teeth would look after treatment

After many visits to our hygienist to get gums in tip top condition, then to carry out root treatments and replace old damaged fillings we were ready to fit the crowns on the 6 front teeth and the result was worth all the hard work!

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