Contact us on (041) 984 6333 or | Refer a friend and get €10 off your next treatment!
Contact us on (041) 984 6333 or | Refer a friend and get €10 off your next treatment!


Welcome to Angela Kearney Dentistry

Angela Kearney is a general dental practitioner catering for the needs of the whole family from very young children upwards!

Here at Angela Kearney’s dental practice the delivery of quality care is important to us, so we book all our consultation appointments for a minimum of 30 minutes. This gives us more time to talk to our patients and find out what concerns them most. It allows for a careful examination and time to carry out tests, including x-rays, where necessary. It also allows for a discussion of our findings and options available to our patients so that treatment may then be planned and scheduled to suit you.


Our Services include:

  • Full evaluation of teeth and gums, to include x rays as required
  • Traditional amalgam(silver) and composite(white) fillings
  • Root canals
  • Pain relief and extractions
  • Childrens dentistry
  • Comprehensive treatment of Gum Disease with Hygienist
  • Comprehensive range of preventive treatments with Hygienist
  • Crowns and bridges including restoration of implants
  • Chrome and acrylic dentures
  • Sports Guards and night guards
  • Referral service to a range of trusted specialists as required
  • Bleaching
  • Free smoking cessation advice

Dental Advice from Angela

Our Location

Refer a friend and get €10 off your next treatment!

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